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"My daughter has been at Stone Park for ten years and I never have to worry about her.  They have been such a positive influence for her and I feel very blessed to have this wonderful place for her to attend."

Center Policies




  • Diaper bags must be labeled with child’s name.

  • Each piece of child’s clothing worn or brought to the center must be labeled.  (Socks, underwear, shirts, pants, etc.)

  • Two complete changes of clothing should be left in the center at all times.

  • No medications are allowed in the diaper bags at anytime.

  • Diapers-Please supply enough!




The curriculum at Stonepark will include language, math, reading, music, art and science activities:  along with manipulative skills and physical education.  


Activities are well planned out in advance with the knowledge that interesting activities make satisfied children.


Fee Review


  • Payments are due by Monday at 6 pm for the current week.

  • A late charge of $10 will be applied to your account if payments are not made by Thursday at 6 pm.  If you pick up your child late, a $10 late pick up charge will be added to your account for the first 15 minutes.  An additional $10 will be added for every 15 minutes after.

  • If your childcare tuition is not paid in full within two weeks, parents will be asked to leave the center.


General Policies


  • We will not give medications (over the counter or prescription) at all at the Daycare except for asthmatic children.

  • Stonepark Child Care serves children from six weeks to four years old, including a Pre-K Program.  Stonepark Afterschool Gang serves children from five years old to thirteen years old.

  • An adult must accompany the child into the building and leave the child with a teacher.  Please do not leave your car running even for a minute.

  • Any child having a fever or unable to participate in any activities will need to be picked up from the center at the director's discretion.

  • Linens will be provided by the center.  If your child prefers, a small lightweight blanket that is labeled, may be brought. This should be taken home on Friday for washing.

  • Two changes of clothes, including underwear and socks, must be left at all times at the center for each child (except for school age children).

  • Each child should come into the center dressed for outdoor play.  Should the child need their clothing changed for a Dr. visit, etc.,  please let your child’s teacher know.

  • Children may bring their own breakfast into the center until 8:30 am.  We will furnish milk or juice to accompany it. After that time, the food will be returned home.  The children receive a breakfast snack at 9:00 am, lunch and an afternoon snack daily.  Menus are posted in the kitchen and in the front hallway of the center.

  • No gum or candy is to be brought to the center,  unless it is given to the teacher for your child’s entire classroom. Please, no outside food at lunch for your child (Example:  McDonalds, etc.) unless you bring for your child’s entire classroom.

  • Center parties will be held on holidays.  Parents may provide cake, cupcakes, cookies and/or ice cream for their child’s birthday.  All birthday parties are held at afternoon snack time only.

  • North Carolina law requires any person with reason to believe a child is being neglected or abused must report this suspicion to the local department of Social Services.

  • Full-time children will be allowed two weeks of vacation away from the center without penalty or losing your child’s slot. These vacations will only be given if the child is not present at the center.  There will be no credits.  Vacations do not accumulate from year to year.




  • At the directors discretion, a child that is sick or unable to participate in activities will be sent home (this is a state child care rule).  Also, at the directors discretion, you may be asked to have a doctor’s note before bringing your child back to daycare.

  • The Department of Human Resources requires the parent to alert the center if his/her child contacts a communicable disease.

  • Any child with excessive diarrhea, vomiting, and/or fever must be kept home.

  • Please let us know if your child is seriously ill, we will work with you!  The key is to let us know as soon as possible.


Infant-Toddler Parent Information


  • Parents of children under 15 months old must provide the center with a feeding schedule.  By law, all bottles must be labeled and dated by the guardian.  Please do not ask our teachers to label any bottles.  This would be a violation.

  • Parents must furnish food for children not currently eating table food.

  • Bottles and training cups must be labeled with permanent ink or masking tape indicating child’s name and the date.

  • Bottles of prepared infant formula must be brought daily for the child.  We will not mix powdered formula.

  • Baby food jars must have original seals & be labeled with child’s name & date.

  • Baby food jars opened during the day must be taken home the same day.

  • Parents must bring enough bottles to last their child all day.  We are not permitted to refill their bottles.


Parent Enrollment Information


  • Parents must fill out written application for enrollment of each child.

  • Parents must complete all medical forms and bring all paper work with you on your child’s first day at the center.

  • A pre-enrollment visit is encouraged for each new child and parent.  At this time, you will tour the facility, meet the director, meet your child’s teacher and discuss policies and procedures.

  • A non-refundable pre-registration of $50 is due initially per family.  This should be paid at the time you enroll your child at our center accompanied with all paperwork.  

  • We at Stonepark, offer a $10 discount for each additional full-time child.

  • We have an open door policy.  Parents are welcome anytime.

  • A description of scheduled activities is posted in every room.

  • Parents or legal guardians must provide the center with the names of people who are designated to transport their child to and from the center.  The person will be required to show identification.  If for any reason parents separate and only one parent has custody, we require all papers from the court system in order to properly do our job.  Please, under these circumstances keep the child your #1 priority.  Do not talk to your child’s teacher, please talk to your director or the owner.

  • Stonepark offers parents full-time, part-time and drop-in slots. WE ARE NOW OFFERING HOURLY CARE.

  • A part-time status account is defined as a child who comes only part of a day, every day consistently and pays a reduced part-time weekly rate.  Part-time accounts will be charged a yearly registration fee.  By paying a continuous weekly part-time rate a slot will be held for your child.  Part-time status accounts are given (1) week vacation per year.  Vacation is given only if the child is not present at the center and vacations do not accumulate from year to year.

  • A Drop-In status account is defined as a child who comes to the center at different times.  They do not come on a consistent schedule (not every day).  Drop-in accounts receive no vacation.  Also, if a child is a drop-in, a slot is not held for your child.  Therefore, at any given day we may be unable to provide child care due to the number of children present that day.


Return Check Policy


A $35 service charge will be added to your account for each check that is returned to us for any reason.  If a parent, by accident or otherwise, bounces two checks within a 6-month period, we will not accept checks from that parent for a 6-month period.  


Daycare charges will have to be paid in the form of cash or money order for six months.  After paying cash/money order for six months, we will then begin to accept checks.


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